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Open Call for Collaborations in Asia and Europe 2021

In 2021, in response to the continuing restrictions on travel and physical gatherings due to Covid-19, Mobility First! will offer virtual collaboration grants to artists and arts managers from Asia and Europe to jointly create new works or texts. This initiative aims to create opportunities for international cultural exchange and profesional connections at a time of very limited face-to-face encounters.

  1. Engaging in creative work: A fixed grant of SGD 500 per grantee or collaborator that is meant for artists’ fee and time spent on producing creative outputs
  2. Knowledge sharing: grantees benefit from a true exchange of ideas from working with their peers from Asia and/or Europe
  3. Building and strengtening connections: collaborations allow for meaningful conversations and diverse cultural expressions

Assessment is largely based on how your proposed activity fulfils any of Mobility First’s focus areas.

  1. The role and value of artists/arts in a time of crisis: Activities that raise awareness of the significance and contribution of artists & the arts in bringing people together and nurturing positive social change in times of uncertainty
  2. The arts in crisis: Activities that respond to challenges in the arts in the time of Covid-19, particularly the loss of livelihood of many artists & cultural practitioners, disruption of traditional business models of arts organisations, unequal opportunities, and the current debates on the arts as ‘non-essential’ services in a crisis
  3. International cultural collaborations in the new normal: Activities that inspire new and innovative approaches to international collaborations in the time of physical distancing and restricted mobility. International collaborations that involve cross-sectional themes between arts/culture and sustainability & climate change, technology, economy, public health etc. are welcome
  4. Art and well-being: Activities that contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the intersection between art and mental health. Activities that demonstrate improving health and well-being through the arts

Eligiblity is via 2 tracks:

  1. Individuals – 2 or 3 artists or arts managers may submit a joint proposal for an activity they wish to collaborate on
  2. Organisations Arts organisations may submit a joint proposal for 3-6 collaborators for an activity they are organising

Kinldy refer to the  Application Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions for more details on eligibility.

Each selected participant will be awarded a grant of SGD 500. The total grant amount is dependent on the number of participants in the collaboration.

Cycle 1  
Open call 1-28 February
Selection results announcement 15 March
Collaboration period 1 April to 30 May
Final submission of requirements 30 May
Disbursement of grants 1-15 July
Cycle 2 (rolling)  
Open call launch 1 April 2021
Selection results rolling basis, within 2 weeks of submission of application
Collaboration period at least 4 weeks
Final submission of requirements within 1 week after the collaboration project has completed and no later than 29 October 2021
Disbursement of grants

within 4 weeks after submission of final requirements and no later than 30 November 2021


Check out the Application Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For other queries, drop us an email at:

Important documents to read before applying

Selection Results

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