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ASEF Mobility First! 2017

Essential information

• Nationality: The applicant must be a national of an Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member country. List of the 51 member countries can be found here:
• Destination country: The applicant’s destination country must be an Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member country. Departure country need not be an ASEM country.
• Mobility route: Asia-to-Europe, Europe-to-Asia, intra-Asia; Europe-to-Europe routes are ineligible
• Occupation: Artist or Cultural Professional
• Travel dates: as per published dates for the round

Individuals & organisations actively involved in the field of arts & culture who are eligible as per following guidelines:

• Artists & cultural professionals from any artistic genre (such as visual arts, performing arts, film, heritage etc.) may apply. Applications focusing on contemporary artistic and cultural disciplines are encouraged.
• Artists are defined as those directly involved in the production of artworks in any genre of the arts.
• Cultural professionals are defined as others working in the field of arts & culture such as curators, arts writers (including critics), arts managers, researchers etc.
• Applicants should be citizens of member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and seek support for travel within the ASEM region.
• Applicants may seek travel support to participate in any of the 7 types of eligible activities listed below in the section on What types of activities are supported?

• Cultural organisations may apply to become ASEF’s partners; selected organisations will co-select individuals who will receive support to attend specific events organised by the partner (e.g. arts festivals, conferences).
• Selected partner organisations are expected organise the event as well as provide selected persons with local contacts and context. For example, an arts organisation organising a photography festival may wish to apply to Mobility First! and together with ASEF, will co-select 4 photographers who will be given ASEF’s support to be present at the festival.
• Cultural organisations that operate in any artistic or cultural genre may apply. Non-profit arts organisations will be prioritised.
• Cultural organisations should be based in any of the ASEM member countries and operating in the ASEM region (nationally or bi-regionally)
• Organisations should be applying for travel support for individuals to participate in any of the 7 types of eligible activities listed below in the section on What types of activities are supported?

Through this initiative, ASEF supports the mobility of artists and cultural professionals for participation in the following 7 types of activities:

1. Workshops or trainings
2. Conferences or forums
3. Festivals, biennales, or international exhibitions
4. Artists’ or writers’ residencies
5. Partner meeting/s to set up or maintain an existing partnership
6. Practice-led research
7. “Go and see” / short-term exploration / networking

• Currently, the selection criteria for Mobility First! prioritises cultural mobility from Asia to Europe; from Europe to Asia; and, within Asia. All travel must be international.
• Successful applicants will be given up to a maximum of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 2,000 for travel from Asia to Europe or Europe to Asia.
• Successful applicants will be given up to a maximum of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 1,000 for travel within Asia.
• Additional funding is available for people with disabilities and special needs.

Individuals should complete the online application form at:
2. Organisations should complete the online application form at:
3. All applicants must ensure that the activity/event will commence at least 10 weeks after the
application is submitted.
4. Successful applicants will be notified by ASEF within 4 weeks.
5. For individuals receiving support, the first 50% of the funding amount will be transferred after
ASEF has received the signed Terms of Reference. The remaining 50% will be transferred posttravel and after ASEF receives the required post-event report.
6. In the case of organisations, ASEF will sign a Partnership Agreement with the selected
organisation. The terms of funding will be agreed upon with the partner organisation & will be
specified in the Partnership Agreement.
7. All individuals receiving mobility support are expected to complete an online post-event report no
later than 4 weeks after travel has ended. The format of the online report can be found here:

• Only applications that meet the Eligibility requirements will be evaluated
• Priority will be given to applications focusing on contemporary artistic & cultural disciplines
• Early career artists & cultural professionals are encouraged to apply; applications showing relevance to the applicant’s professional development will be prioritised
• Small & medium, independent, non-profit organisations are encouraged to apply
• First time visits to destination countries are encouraged
• Priority will be given to applications that show potential for:
o Long-term impact in the arts & cultural sector
o Benefiting other artists & cultural professionals both in the destination country & back in the applicant’s home country (multiplier effect)
• Mobility First! is an equal opportunities programme. Applications from artists & cultural professionals of any ASEM nationality, ethnicity, caste, creed, gender or disability are welcome

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