Next Steps for Successful ASEF Mobility First! Applications

Applications to the ASEF Mobility First! travel grant are evaluated on a rolling basis. You will be contacted about the outcome of your application by email within 4 weeks. If your application is successful, the following steps will be completed:

  • You will receive a letter of offer by email from ASEF
  • You will be given a deadline to accept or decline the grant offer
  • If you accept the grant offer, you will be asked to send us a scanned copy of passport to confirm your nationality
  • We will then send you a Terms of Reference (ToR) which outlines the grant amount agreed on, the conditions of funding, and the requirements for disbursement. This serves as the contract between ASEF and yourself under the context of the Mobility First! grant
  • There are 2 main conditions of the grant: 1) Participation at the activity or event in your application form, and 2) Submitting the post-event online report to ASEF within 4 weeks after your activity or event has been completed
  • You must accept the conditions of the grant by signing the ToR and sending this document in original to ASEF by post or courier

ASEF Mobility First! Grant Payments

If your application is successful, you will need to accept the conditions for the grant (see section above).

You will have to complete 4 steps before we transfer the full grant amount to your bank account:

  • Signing the Terms of Reference (ToR) and sending us the original document by post or courier
  • Completion of travel and participation in your activity or event
  • Completion of post-event online report within 4 weeks after your activity or event has concluded
  • Sending us an invoice (you can send us an e-invoice by email. The only document we require in original is your ToR) 

ASEF has 2 monthly payment cycles: mid-month and end-month. Depending on when we receive your documents, we will submit your payments to our Finance Department accordingly within our internal cycles. We will inform you once your payment is submitted for processing. It will then take around 3 weeks for you to receive your grant in your bank account. Below is an example of a full payment cycle:

  • Travel completed and all required supporting documents are received by ASEF on 10 May
  • Payment is submitted for processing on the 15 May cycle 
  • You will receive payment on the week commencing 6 June at the latest 

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